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David Imms was born near Derby in 1945. He studied at Derby College of Art (1962-64) and at the Central School of Art and Design, London (1964-67).

Imms is well known for his bold and vibrant interpretations of the West Country landscape. These are inspired by walking and drawing directly in all kinds of weather conditions, and are influenced particularly by the changing cycles of nature.

He takes his subject matter from those parts of the landscape which reflect literary and historical associations, such as the Dorset of Thomas Hardy, the Somerset of Coleridge and the Wiltshire of the prehistoric earthworks and stones. Increasingly, the human presence is indicated by the use of the nude figure, seen as a timeless inhabitant of the landscape and representing emotional responses to the changing environment.

David Imms’ work is widely represented in private and public collections including: 
Alfred East Art Gallery, Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Christ’s College Cambridge, Derby City Museum and Art Gallery, Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Dorset County Library, Bowes Museum, Royal Scottish Infirmary, University of Glasgow, University of Surrey, Leicestershire Museums, University of Leicestershire, Victoria and Albert Museum, London Borough of Camden, University of London, Paintings in Hospitals Collection, Longleat House, Luton Museum and Art Gallery, Rank Zerox Collection, Northern Arts Association, Northampton Central Museum and Art Gallery, Oldham Art Gallery, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Portsmouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Sheffield Graves Art Gallery, University of Stirling and various education committees.

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