Amanda and Louise would like to welcome all their clients, friends, artists, framers, restorers, indeed anyone connected to the Guilsborough Gallery for our open weekend and Christmas Party 30th November – 2nd December.

This event will be a celebration of all our fantastic artists and their amazing work. Contemporary Art at its best and will be hanging alongside our own selection of Modern British Art.

For those of you confused by the expression Modern British Art – Modernism first began in Britain soon after the end of the First World War, with artists developing increasingly abstract work. However, realism saw an upsurge in the 1920’s when the shock of the first world war brought a reaction know as the ‘Return to Order’. British Art movements of this period included the ‘Euston Road School’ and the ‘Kitchen Sink Painters’. Essentially, they used modernist styles to paint realist subjects – this style continued in British Art well into the 60’s and 70’s.

We will have over 200 works of art with prices ranging from £150 – £10,500 – all works of art and sculpture will be for sale.

Also on show will be many of our fantastic British Sculptors – including our new artist Johnny Cox ,alongside: Tessa Pullan, Lucy Lutyens, Felicia Fletcher, Annie Parker, Melanie Legge and Alex Shorey – with examples in many mediums including bronze, resin, stone and scagiola.

As a little tempter – we also offer payments by instalments over a three month period.

To our amazement, this exhibition will mark the start of our 8th year of business. We can hardly believe that the time has passed by so quickly and we have come a long way since our first tentative show at Noseley Hall back in November 2011.

At the exhibition we will be raising money for the Guilsborough Playing Fields Association – a charity local to the gallery, set up in 1977 by Amanda’s father-in-law, John Lowther, for the village to have a permanent playing field for many activities and sports including cricket, football and rugby. We hope to help the GPFA raise enough to acquire their new goal posts.

The Guilsborough Playing Fields Association (GPFA) is a charitable organisation responsible for managing and maintaining the 7.5 acres of Playing Field. The GPFA has to raise a minimum of £12,000 pa to cover the cost of maintaining the facility and support small capital projects. The stated mission is ‘To provide the best possible facility to allow residents of Guilsborough and the surrounding area to enjoy outdoor activities and sports in the beautiful setting of the playing field and thus contributing to the health and well being of the community’.

Current fund raising efforts are to acquire new goal posts for the football pitch, to re-level the pitch and to refurbish the kitchen and refreshment area. Charity number 275828