Emily Ponsonby Biography

Emily Ponsonby Contemporary British Artist

Emily Ponsonby

Returning from painting in Scotland, Italy and in the disappearing food markets of Hong Kong, Emily has set up life in London.

Over the last 6 years she has developed a technique using melted beeswax and oil. She sculpts, etches and buffs the oil into the wax, trapping and exposing forgotten layers as she does so, creating an unpredictability that gives the waxy paintings an intriguing life of their own. Scratching into the beeswax lead her to explore with metal and after a year at The Royal Drawing School etchings are an exciting new addition to her portfolio.

Her latest work is a series of bathing nudes. Some are cocooned deep within the warm waters and others are drying off or preparing for submersion. Baths are remedial, commonplace yet special. Bathers have forever been captured in paint…Degas, Rubens and Cezanne to name but a few… But Emily has tried to pull this beautifully traditional subject into modern daily life.