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We recently headed north up the M6 for 31 junctions and arrived in the most charming little village of Whalley near Preston.  Jo Taylor’s studio is tucked away in the garden of her parent’s house and we found her and Bubble (her retired greyhound and subject of a number of her drawings) waiting to greet us as we were stumbling around the garden looking for the entrance to the studio.

Jo’s home has been flooded during the winter floods and so her life has been turned upside-down and she has found little time to paint. However, she has recently returned from Keeneland, Lexington, Kentucky where she was artist in residence for the Breeder’s Cup. She found this the most incredible experience. Most of the work in her studio is based from this trip.

Jo Taylor Contemporary Paintings

We noted with interest that the tails of the American thoroughbred racehorses are kept much longer and more flowing than the British ones.  Apparently this is to avoid the horses being struck into by the horses racing behind.

Contemporary Horse Paintings

Jo’s work will be on show at our British Art Portfolio exhibitions throughout 2016.


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