Marina Meredith-Owen – Biography

Marina Meredith-Owen

Marina Meredith is a Warwickshire based artist born of Italian parents and brought up near Montpelier in France.  Initially influenced by her compatriots Cézanne and Matisse, her work today has a more English feel.  Although not formally trained, Marina has studied drawing under Arthur Keene for several years, believing that good draughtsmanship is the basis of a sound painting technique.  As her own style has evolved, Marina has found herself drawn more and more to English painters such as Winifred Nicholson and Mary Fedden, who are great influences on her present work.

Marina specializes in Still Life and Interior subjects. Studio based, her preferred method is painting in oil on canvas or board. Paint is applied expressively with both brush and knife. The paintings are then reworked to create depth and texture to her slightly abstracted images with their flattened perspective.