Jill Barthorpe visited us at the gallery recently to deliver her new selection of exciting new paintings.  We were particularly wowed by her new painting of wild lilac.

Wild Lilac Contemporary Painting

Wild Lilac, oil on canvas, signed with initials, 62 x 92 cm, £3,800

Every year in a hedge near her home in Leicestershire Wild Lilac grows – every year Jill Barthorpe paints a ‘Lilac painting’ alternating between white and purple.   This year it is a purple year!

The green jug in this painting is one of many from Jill’s collection of interesting ceramics that she has collected over the years.  In Primula you can see another pretty bowl from her collection.

Jill Bartorpe Prunela Painting

Primula, oil on canvas, signed with initials, 25.5 x 20 cm, £1,250

Jill Barthorpe often features a stripe in her paintings as you can see in the Wild Lilac.  In this painting she has a yellow stripe and a lime green background making a wonderful contrast of colours with the mauve lilacs and the green of the leaves.  She uses a paper cutout to create different shapes and stripes.

In Pineapples (below) she has used a yellow stripe which is a marvellous contrast to the luscious orange of the pineapples and the blue background.

Jill Barthorpe Pineapples

Pineapples with yellow stripe, oil on canvas, signed with initials, 61 x 51 cm, £2,850

These two paintings were created in her Leicestershire studio.

Jill is currently very busy on two large landscape paintings of Vermont for an American client.  They are enormous –  7ft x 7ft and are taking up all her time at present!  Jill has exhibited in Vermont before so has a following of clients in that area.

Jill Barthorpe not only paints still lifes but often paints landscapes working on drawings en plein air and then creating the paintings in oil in her studio.  One of her most recent, and most stunning works is The Stream (below) a large oil on canvas – 71 x 107 cm.  Priced at £4,450.

The Stream paitning by Jill Barthorpe

Jill went to the Slade and was a great admirer of Sir William Coldstream who was a very influential artist and teacher at the Slade for many years. He was also Principal of the Slade and Professor of Fine Art.  Under his direction the Slade achieved an international reputation.  Coldstream’s own work was based on very careful measurement.  He took measurements of objects or gaps with one eye closed and by sliding a thumb up or down the brush handle.  Using this method he was able to paint without the use of conventional perspective.  The surfaces of Coldstream’s paintings, like Jill Barthorpe’s carry many small horizontal and vertical markings where the coordinates have been verified against the reality.  Due to this painstaking way of painting both artists work slowly and Jill can take many months to finish a work.

Recently Jill has been doing little quicker oil sketches outside and we hope you love these as much as we do ….

Jill Barthorpe Big Clouds Painting

Big Clouds, Ketton, oil on canvas, signed with initials, 21 x 26 cm, £950

Jill Barthorpe Flooded Fields

Flooded Fields, Evening, oil on canvas, signed with initials, 26 x 36 cm, £1,250