Louisa Risch

Louisa is a classically trained portrait painter and this vibrant body of work, which celebrates both colour and light, details in particular her love of still life and landscape painting. Her subjects are always painted directly from life and all of her landscapes are painted en plein-air, capturing the light in short sessions of around three hours.


Louisa likes to use lively colours and dynamic light patterns, finding nuances in nature and beauty in the everyday. Wherever she can, she finds local produce to paint: flowers, fruits and vegetables that are in season. She enjoys examining how environments and shadows change quickly when painting from life and likes to capture flickers of these moments in her paintings-expressions in a face, or how the light hits an object at a certain time of day. She paints quickly, alla prima, in an impressionist style, drawing inspiration from artists such as Sorolla, Manet and Degas.


Louisa lives and works in London at the Chelsea Studios in Fulham.