Stanley Grimm British, 1891-1996

Stanley Grimm ROI, RP was born in London and was a descendant of the brothers Grimm of fairy tale reknown. He was orphaned at an early age. He was brought to Russia by his father’s family and he studied painting at Riga Art School from 1910-13. He then continued his studies in Munich from 1913-14 this was at the time of the Blaue Reiter period which was of considerable influence to him. After many adventures including being conscripted by the Bolsheviks to paint propaganda posters in Russia, from which he was reputed to have escaped in a smuggler’s boat. After World War I he settled in London and continued to paint here until his death.


He had his first one man exhibition at the Redfern Gallery in 1925 and his second at Beaux Arts in 1927. He had a show at the Bloomsbury Gallery in 1930 and the Wertheim in 1932. He also exhibited extensively abroad and also at the Royal Academy, Goupil Gallery and the Leicester Galleries in London.


His work is held in many private and public collections, notably the Government Art Collection and the Sheffield Art Gallery, both of which have examples of his floral still life paintings.