Fred Clark Biography

Fred Clark

Fred Clark was born in East Anglia and, turning to art after university, went on to study art at the Prince’s Drawing School in 2012.  His work was selected for the BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London in 2013 and since then he has travelled and worked extensively in the UK, Spain, Cuba and Africa.

Following last year’s successful exhibition of works from his road trip to Mallorca, he then went on to work on a new challenge. His current body of work is inspired by and drawn from his artist residency placement at Borana Conservancy and his time sketching elephants at the Elephant sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya.

Initially I wanted to use only black and white so that I could focus on drawing, to keep the studio work as close as possible to the initial encounter. As I went on, I realised that the delineation of white vs black as light vs dark, birth vs death, and so many other opposites, applies perfectly to a land of contrasts, where flood follows drought, where lush grass becomes parched earth, where the hand that deals death is also the giver of life to others. Not only that, but my increased use of line allowed me to experiment with and push the abstract qualities of drawing which have always appealed to me. The title, On The Line, therefore references both the precarious nature of the wild game in East Africa, and my preoccupation with line drawing”.

The aim was to gather information to make large scale paintings for a solo show.  The other reason for this new chapter in his artistic practice is that he hoped to raise money for the Borana Conservancy and to also raise awareness of the necessity of conservation in general.

Fred has had sell out 3 solo shows.