Kate Corbett Winder Biography

Kate Corbett Winder

Kate Corbett Winder is inspired by the landscape of the Welsh borders where she lives. Her paintings do not set out to be precise representations but are expressions of the changing rhythm and colour of the landscape. She draws outside using charcoal, pencil and pastel, then paints back in the studio in oils, sometimes adding collage to introduce blocks of flat colour or newsprint to a composition. Originally a journalist, Kate worked for magazines writing about fashion ,interiors and gardens, but painting was always a passion that has been her main pursuit for the last 15 years .

She has been taught by Robin Child, Cecily Sash and Fiona MacAlpine and attends classes at Aberystwyth art school

Her first solo show was at the Sladmore contemporary Gallery in London in 2009 and she also has exhibited in Cardiff, Ludlow, Tresco, Hampshire and mid Wales as well as at Crane Kalman Gallery in London and a Solo Exhibition in July 2016 with Jonathan Clarke, London