Richard Smythe Biography

Comtemporary Artist Richard Smythe

Richard Smythe

Richard Smythe was born in 1986 and grew up around Sussex where he developed a love of the English countryside. The rivers, woodlands and rolling green hills continue to encourage Richard to express his passion for nature and the environment through painting and drawing. Richard is interested in exploring impressionism, combined with expressive brush strokes that keep a painting loose and suggestive. He believes the artist should have a connection to the landscape and must continue to learn about it in order to paint it.

Richard graduated in 2010 with a masters degree in art and design, specialising in illustration.

In my work I like to represent the small details in a landscape that often get overlooked. The way the sun sets behind trees, the silhouettes and shapes caused by diminishing light fascinate me. I am constantly trying to explore atmosphere and light, whether that is from a glowing sunset or a bright summer day.”