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Annie Parker

Annie Parker was born and educated in France (her family origins are Italian) and has lived in London for most of her life. Annie completed a Foundation Course at the City & Guilds of London Art School in Kennington, then studied at Heatherley’s School of Fine Arts where she received a Diploma in Portrait Painting. Subsequently she went on to explore sculpture and achieved a Diploma in Sculpture.

Annie has also trained in France with the Italian sculptor Max Squillace, where she studied the art of classical Italian Sculpture.  Since then, she has been concentrating on carving stone: alabaster, chlorite, marble etc. and has been creating a series of stone heads.

Annie’s work has been acquired by collectors in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Austria, Chicago and Singapore.

“The human face is an endless source of fascination and inspiration to me.  It reflects the whole of humanity and I have a compulsion to recreate it in my stonework.  Before carving a rock, I observe it at length, trying to ‘see’ a head within it.  Once I have found it, I try and carve it with minimal alterations to the stone.  I work according to shape, size and flaws.  Where possible I like to keep some areas untouched, in order to keep the character of the stone.  I do not usually have a maquette:  The stone dictates the outcome”.

Exhibitions include Affordable Art Fairs in London, Bristol, Brussels, paris, Singapore, Milan, Chicago, New York; London, Autumn Arts Festival; Wormley, Carlyle Gallery, London; Leighton House, London; Gallery 27, Cork Street; Samsung advertising campaign, Art London;

Bicha Winter Show, Chelsea Harbour; Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair; Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery.