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Helen Denerly

Helen Denerley lives and works on a remote hillside in North East Scotland. Since graduating from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen in 1977 she has worked continuously as a sculptor. Best known in Scotland for her larger than life scrap metal giraffes on Leith Walk in Edinburgh, her work has been commissioned in Japan, Hong Kong and South Georgia and is in collections across the UK. Helen’s work is the result of meticulous observation and drawing skills combined with a love of the natural world and all the technical aspects of working in metal. The forms are never whole, the use of negative space makes them come alive, creating form where there is only air. Helen has turned this into “Positive Space”.

The art critic Julian Spalding writes: “I’ve watched Helen Denerley at work, her eyes like skewers, her fingers pincers, as she adjusts a piece of scrap so that the angle is precisely right, before she welds it into place. What she’s looking at, searching for, is not just the forms, the shapes, but the spaces which they leave, the unspoken volumes that they help to carve”

“I can’t imagine a world without sculpture”